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2 Helpful Marriage/Relationship Tips from the Gym


These 7 words had quite an impact on me as I locked eyes on them while entering the hotel gym. At first glance, the message was encouraging and affirmed my commitment to be in the gym that morning, not just wishing for better health but showing up for the workout. The second glance was altogether different, less of a pat on the back and more of a kick in the pants. The second time I read that message on the wall, it was accompanied by a question; “What are you wishing for that you have not yet started working for?”

So, here’s Tip #1.

Don’t Just Wish for It. Work for It.

What are you wishing for in your marriage or other relationships that you have not yet started working for? Or maybe you had started the work process, but you quit because you lost your will to work when you didn’t see the results you expected soon enough.

Let’s take a quick glimpse at how the process works. Usually it all begins when you imagine or see something in your mind, or maybe even see it with your own eyes, then you begin to desire it for yourself. In other words, you see it, you want it and you wish you had it. Soon after you start the wishing process, you reach a Fork in The Road moment, where you either choose to go left and just keep wishing, or you choose to go right and take action to work toward what you say you want. Now, the overuse of the word YOU in this blog is both intentional and significant, because getting what you are wishing hinges heavily on YOU.

Seeing might be believing, but neither seeing nor believing will be enough to produce the results you desire. You must be willing to add that third and perhaps most important step…Doing the Work.

Here’s Tip #2

Don’t Stop Working Until You Get the Results You Are Wishing For.

Committing to a few weeks in the gym will not, I repeat, WILL NOT get the job done. It takes months, and in some cases, it takes years to see those results you put on your wish list. It is a long-term endeavor, and quite frankly, it may need to become a way of life, when you consider what it will take to maintain.

It is common practice and too often a common mistake to work toward your desired outcome with your finger on the abort button. If you don’t quickly see or get what you are expecting, you immediately initiate your Quit option and return to your place of Comfort and your Empty Wishes. This is what happens when you are more committed to your comfort and less committed to the things, you say you wish you had.

Remember, if it’s worth the wish, it should be worth the work, and if it’s worth the work, it should be worth the wait. And if it’s not worth the work or the wait, it is not worth wishing.

Don’t waste your wishes on things you are unwilling to work for.

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