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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

…To SEE Things Clearly?

Our topic today reminds me of a song, written and performed by an artist named Johnny Nash. The song title “I Can See Clearly Now”


I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

I can see all obstacles in my way.

Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind

It’s gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day.

Have you ever experienced an unbearable downpour of rain while you were driving? You know, the kind that starts out steady, causing you to flip on your windshield wipers. Then it kicks into another gear, so you do the same with the wipers, you flip it to another gear. Suddenly it's game on! The rain bumps it up another notch, and you do likewise, flipping your wipers into their highest gear. Then suddenly, it’s like the bottom falls out of the sky, pouring so hard you can’t see a thing. You grip the wheel tightly, slow the vehicle down, lean forward, and reach for your wiper switch, hoping you have one more gear, but you got nothing left. They are swishing at top speed and you still can’t see a thing. It's Game Over! You tap out, pull over and stop the vehicle because you simply cannot SEE.

The rain here is a metaphor for the problems, undesirable circumstances, and traumatic events in life.

Pouring rain is not something you will deal with every day of your life, but like it or not, you will encounter it at some point. The question is… “Will you be prepared, and will you make wise choices when it comes?”

What’s your plan when life comes at you head-on with one problem after another. Before you can resolve the one, another one comes, and then another and another, followed by others!

Let’s begin with [WHAT NOT TO DO!]

1. Don’t Be Reckless

Don’t put your life and the lives of

others at risk with an overzealous trust

in your own

abilities. Heed the warning signs. Slow

Down. And if necessary, Pull Over.

2. Don’t Curse the Rain

The rain is outside the scope of your

control, so why waste time complaining

about what you can’t control. The

bottom line is, the rain is not the

problem, because the

same rain that hinders your driving is

the very rain that aids your surviving.

3. Don’t Curse the One Responsible for

the Rain

He is also outside the scope of your

control. Be Careful. Watch your words.

4. Don’t overstay your temporary

roadside pause. If you must pull over in

life, don’t get comfortable there. But as

soon as the conditions allow, get back

in gear, get back on the road, and get

moving again toward your destination.

Let’s close with [WHAT TO DO!]

1. Be Wise

Value and respect your life and the lives

of those around you by exercising

wisdom when you can as often as you


2. Be Prepared

No one wants those storms to come,

but we all know they’re coming at some point.

  • Plan as much as possible. Be sure you know your gear and be certain that it’s always operable.

  • Know your limitations and obey them.

  • Work out worst-case scenarios for crisis moments, and when they arrive you can avoid being led by your impulses and be led by your plan.

3. Stay in Your Lane

Respect the authority placed in your life and choose self-awareness first.

Be more aware of what’s happening in

you than you are aware of the

circumstances around you.

  • Where are you in this?

  • What are you feeling?

  • What do you know to be true?

  • What are your options and opportunities?

4. Make Movement a Priority

Avoid the temptation of allowing fear

and pain to paralyze you. Though some

of life’s circumstances may put you in

pause mode temporarily, always

remember, you were not created to live

on pause!

Here’s a quote born from this article.

In life, storms will Come Strong in your direction,

That’s your time to slack up and take shelter!

But when the storms slack up, and they will,

that’s your time to Come Strong and take action!

Stacy Ward Coaching

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