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New Year|New Perspective

Most of you know that feeling experienced when you are handed the keys to your Brand New Car or your Brand New Custom-Built Dream Home. It is one of the best feelings ever! Not only is it new to you as the owner, but it has never been used by anyone else (it’s brand new), plus it’s spick and span, (spotless) it’s BRAND SPANKING NEW!

Some may be blessed to receive that brand new car, home or some other gift that you are extremely grateful for this Christmas season, but all who are privileged to open their eyes and get out of bed on January 1, 2023 will have receive, perhaps, one of the greatest of all gifts this season. When you open your eyes and roll out of bed the first day of 2023, you will have been gifted a BRAND SPANKING NEW YEAR! Much like the car and the house, this New Year has never been used or even seen by anyone else. It is spotless, and it is yours! You hold the keys! But here's the thing, as the owner of something brand new and extremely valuable, you are typically inclined to do whatever it takes to preserve the newness of that thing. You tend to invest whatever time and effort it takes to keep your new car shiny, well conditioned, looking good, and smelling brand new.

Unfortunately, a BRAND NEW YEAR seldom receives the same attention, but instead, it is typically allowed to gather a build-up of dust, dirt, problems, complacency, bad thinking, and unresolved issues. Before you know it, your BRAND SPANKING NEW YEAR has become the SAME OLD SAME OLD! Does that sound familiar?


What is it that causes you to allow your Brand New to slip into the

Same Old Same Old?

How can you preserve your commitment to newness, care, conditioning, and positive movement this coming NEW YEAR?

How can you avoid being a part of Quitter's Day, which is projected to happen January 13, 2023? They project that most people will abandon their intentions, give up on their focus, and yield to the desire for comfort, 13 days into the New Year.

What would it take for you to stay the course the full 365 days?

How can you stay intentional and see the value of resetting often?

Facts that might lead to new perspective:

The power and significance of RESET (a fresh new start) is undeniable! It is a difference maker to all who will make time to take advantage of it’s opportunities. How many times have you called the help desk and been told to power down your device, wait, and then power up? When you follow those instructions ...boom… problem solved!

Learn what it means to power down your system(your thoughts, feelings, emotions), wait an appropriate amount of time and power up again for a fresh start.

Each brand new year consists of 12 BRAND NEW MONTHS, (12 built-in opportunities for RESET)

Each month consists of 28-31 BRAND NEW DAYS! (365 built-in opportunities for RESET, INTENTIONALITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY)


There is an impactful exercise that was introduced to me when I read the book, The Gap and The Gain| Dan Sullivan, Dr. Benjamin Hardy. In short, it encouraged the idea of ending each day with 3 wins and beginning the next with 3 possible wins. It’s an outstanding read, with amazing insights!

Remember, you hold the keys to this BRAND NEW YEAR!


These are two common idioms with power to influence your daily decisions. Which idiom will you choose to be loyal to though-out this coming New Year?

You may require some professional help to navigate this season of your journey. If so, consider it, because it might be the difference maker you need!


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