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Updated: May 18, 2022

Have you ever wondered what is it specifically that makes a particular action or behavior hard for one person, and yet that very same action or behavior is considered by another to be Easy? The word I would draw your attention to in this opening question is the word specifically. After all, most of us have a general Idea why we chose to label some things Easy and others hard. But I'm curious what would happen if we took the time to explore on a deeper level where our choice of these labels truly originates. Perhaps if we became more committed to locate the true source of hard, we could more easily escape its paralyzing effects on our behavior. And maybe uncovering the truth about hard might even create the internal motivation needed for some very necessary change.

Some people seem to have a problem when it comes to speaking certain three-word phrases such as:

I Was Wrong, I Am Sorry, even the words I Love You.

Full disclosure, I have struggled with all the above for over 30 years! In fact, I'll just spit it out, "Its hard for me to utter "I Was Wrong" and I Am Sorry", especially in some of my closest relationships.

But one day recently I accepted a personal challenge, a challenge to stop hiding behind the phrase "It's hard", a challenge to stop simply pointing it out and start figuring it out, a challenge to get specific about why doable things are showing up HARD.

The bottom line of the challenge was simple:

  1. Find out what it is.

  2. Do something about it.

With some serious self-reflection, I was able to pinpoint exactly what was hard for me. Here's what I discovered.

I was ultimately hiding behind hard because;

  1. I convinced myself somehow that I needed to always be right in an argument, even after I knew I was wrong. To admit I was wrong felt like loosing, and the goal has always been to win.

  2. I bought into the lie that apologizing and giving in were both signs of surrender and felt more like weakness than humility.

  3. I practiced the above dysfunctions over and over until I became very conditioned to them and resistant to change.

The moral of the story is in this quote.

The sooner you find out what's behind hard,

the sooner you can put hard behind you.

Stay tuned for a FREE COURSE with 5 questions that can help you locate the source of the hard things in your life...Coming Soon!

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