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How Much Longer?

The Power of Movement

Waiting, with no idea how long the wait will last, can trigger some of the most uncomfortable and irritating feelings ever! Think about it! If you are going to wait, you like to know why you are waiting, and how long you’ll have to wait, because knowing helps you decide whether you will keep waiting or take action. For example:

What if you’re the parent with a son or daughter well into adulthood, and you are waiting for them to move out of the house, from dependence to independence?

What if you’re the son who is desperately wanting to drive Dad’s Corvette on prom night, waiting for him to let you know if maybe has become a yes or a deflating no?

What if you’re the girlfriend who has been with him for 4 years, waiting for a proposal and a ring.


What if it’s YOU, waiting on YOU to change?

This is the worst because it often leads to you being irritated with the people around you about your circumstances, blaming them for what you feel is happening to you, when the real problem is what’s happening or not happening in YOU. You just might be irritated because you’re underperforming according to your own standards, and it's possible that You have lowered your expectations so that you can be ok with making yourself wait for the results you want. But know this…

If it’s not ok for others to keep you waiting, it’s not ok for you to do it either, especially without offering yourself a viable explanation.

How Much Longer will you wait to change the things you know in your own heart need to be changed?

How much longer will you prefer tomorrow over today, later over now, as your time to act?

How much Longer will you pass on opportunities that are present in the moment but not promised in the future?

How much longer will you make excuses and refuse the accountability that can help you grow?

Reality is, you typically DON’T LIKE WAITING…unless, the person keeping you waiting is YOU.

Remember this!

It takes Movement for Improvement.

What if you stop letting yourself off the hook and literally made a list of the things you want to change? What would it take to write it down or make a note in your phone?

What if there was a rough timeline for each thing you want to change?

What if you told someone else about your list and shared details with them?

What if you considered Coaching or Mentoring for the stuff you can’t seem to get past and the more difficult habits you’re struggling to replace?

What if waiting long periods of time for you to change was no longer acceptable to you?

The one person you are authorized to control is you. The one person you are not authorized to control is everybody else. So, why not master the ability to control and change you, which will likely increase your influence and motivate and inspire change in others.

How Much Longer Will You Wait and Miss Out Movement?

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