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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

You Are Not Always Responsible to Create the Moment, but it is Totally on You to Be Ready to Capture It!

I didn’t have much time but decided to go to the lake for a couple of hours to unwind and process a couple of things. I took my GoPro camera to see what kind of footage I could capture for my library, and truth be told, I was hoping to catch a couple of nice Bass and get it all on video to post on social media. But when I descended upon my second desired fishing spot, I looked up at the sky and saw this.

Wow! The water like glass, reflecting back to the sky, its breathtaking beauty!

I would not resist pulling out my iPhone and capturing this moment. I quickly thought of my wife Victoria, who is absolutely fascinated with clouds and images of the sky, so I immediately shared the photo with her via text. I started to fish but not for long in this spot.

Because actually, in my mind I had already mapped my next spot to fish, a spot where I would be confident to land a nice fish, but I couldn’t shake this image (this moment/opportunity) that seemed to be whispering to me, there is more. I felt a strong urge to forgo the next planned spot, so I chose to go to the place where I have witnessed some very cool sunsets, a place I have named Sunset Rock.

Sometimes it pays to PASS on the OBVIOUS/NORM for an opportunity to EXPERIENCE the EXTRAORDINARY.

When I was preparing to make a U-turn to get to Sunset Rock, I was forced to pull over and get a pic of these two, who are obviously posing for the shot. Let me remind you that this is the same evening, same sky...but in the complete opposite direction of the sunset.

At this point I thought, I’m satisfied even if the sunset spot is a bust. Well, scratch that thought! Here are shots of the sunset.

Again, this is the same evening, same sky, same camera with roughly a 120 degree turn.

There are quite a few photos in this post, snap shots of God’s amazing creation, snap shots of moments He created and I simply captured them. Honestly, I was more excited about the pictures than the intended message in this post. But the reminders I walked away with on that evening far outshine these images. Here are those reminders:

1. God is faithful to create the moments,

the windows of opportunity, the

chances, the freedom, possibilities,

probabilities, the space, the

connections, and the time. The

response is on YOU.

2. What you must do is be faithful in

READINESS… not just for the good and

pleasant but also the unwanted and


Be Ready to show up consistently, cause if you don’t, forget it!

Be Ready to go even when there’s not much time, just make the most of that time.

Be Ready to move to another spot. Your view is good, but another might be even better.

Be Balanced in Your Readiness.

Be Ready for the win and for the loss

… the promotion and for the demotion

… the marriage proposal and the breakup

… for acceptance and rejection

The reminder is to be ready when it is within your power to do so. Then, you won’t be caught off guard and you'll be better equipped to seize the moment! Keep your heart, your mind and your emotion in a healthy state of preparedness.

My closing words are these, it is not wise to always look for and expect big things, because in the right moment and the bigger picture, even the little things show up extraordinary!

You'll never really know when you're gonna be in that perfect spot, in that perfect moment, so...


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