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…to KNOW [to be certain about] your PURPOSE in LIFE?

Wherever you are, I encourage you to stop for a moment, look around you for at least 60 seconds and see if you can identify anything that does not have a name or a PURPOSE. Seriously, take a moment and make the assessment. Now in that same space, can you identify anything that was created before its purpose was determined?

I think it is undeniable that most of the things around us were envisioned with purpose in mind, and then they were created for that purpose.

So, what makes us question whether we have specific PURPOSE? What causes us to settle for not KNOWING [being certain about] our PURPOSE in LIFE?

As human-beings, we are far more valuable, complex, and powerful than any of the items we have assessed during this exercise. So, what causes us to believe that our Creator did not have a specific PURPOSE in mind when He created us, seeing that most things around us have clearly been made with specific PURPOSE in mind.

Now, I am certain that you are certain that you did not create yourself. In fact, here is a short reminder list of what you and I did not do.

  • You did not choose to be born, nor did you choose where you would be born.

  • You did not choose your parents, nor did you choose your ethnicity or heritage.

  • You did not choose your hair color at birth, your height, what your face would look like, nor your physique.

  • You did not choose how you would be raised; nor did you have a choice in most of the things that happened to you and for you during your upbringing.

Now check this out, considering all you did not get to choose, you were eventually granted the most important and powerful choice of all. You were given the responsibility to choose how you would respond to all the above.


The last of human freedoms-

the ability to choose one’s attitude

in a given set of circumstances.

Viktor Frankl

Everything you don’t get to choose is grossly inferior to the one thing you get to choose, which is how you will respond to the circumstances beyond your control, as well as the ones you influenced.

There is one thing that can serve as a massive catalyst for wise choosing in these unpredictable lives we live.


Here are some of the many ways Knowing Your Purpose can be a game-changer in your life.

  • KYP… will help you determine who to listen to and what to believe.

  • KYP… will help you clarify when to say “Yes” and when to say “No”.

  • KYP… will compel you to align your innermost values and vows, so that you live with confidence, courage, and conviction.

  • KYP… will help you gain and maintain power over your feelings.

  • KYP… will help you focus your attention and better avoid distractions.

  • KYP… will help you live the kind of life that inspires others to seek knowing their purpose.

  • KYP… will help minimize the unwanted voices and negative self-talk in your mind.

  • KYP… will help you manage others’ opinions concerning you, and what you should do.

  • KYP… will help you move forward in its direction, rather than being stuck in “I don’t know.”

  • KYP… is the one gift worth prioritizing for yourself as soon as possible.

What Can You Do to Discover Your Purpose?

1. Make it a Priority

2. Put in the Work. Research. Ask Questions. Ask More Questions. Research More.

3. Invite a coach or mentor into your process to explore gifts, values, and beliefs.

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