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If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit our own propensity to (at times) overlook important things like PROBLEMS, POTENTIAL, PEOPLE, PROCESS and PROGRESS. This issue of overlooking is one that impacts everyone, because our human tendencies render us vulnerable…even on our best days. Whether it’s the result of a lack of focus, temporary distraction, overzealous intentions, carelessness, or a simple overdose of pride and lust, OVERLOOKING important things is simply not good for us in the long haul. It is a silent destroyer. In fact, carelessly overlooking things is often the culprit of many of life’s heartbreaks, downfalls, and breakdowns.

Boxer Mike Tyson is credited with's not the hardest punch that always knocks you out, it's the one that you don't see coming. How True!

This old boxing adage certainly rings true to real life, because it's usually not the things you see coming that hurt you most, It's the stuff you didn't see coming, the mishaps you didn't anticipate, the unthinkable possibilities you did not account for until it was too late. And here's what seems crazy about it all, though we've seen these things happen to others, we somehow convince ourselves that they will never happen to us! This mindset leaves us wide open for life's knockout punch, and we seldom see it coming! Let me be clear, I am not advocating skepticism, but I am saying there is space for both trust and preparation, and one does not cancel out the other.

So, this final chat on the topic "OVERLOOKED" issues a reminder on the danger of overlooking the power of PREPARATION.


To prepare is to make yourself or someone else ready. It suggests the ability to do or deal with something.

Are there stories you could tell about times you were not ready for something, or unable to deal with something? I think we all have these stories.

What would happen if you made it your business to be better PREPARED?

...for success...for failure...for betrayal...heartbreak...loss...divorce?

Most people are probably ill prepared for all the above. In fact, a common thought process is...whatever we don't want to happen, we try hard to not think about. Think about it! It's very true!


If you don't want to lose your High School Sweetheart, the tendency is to not allow yourself to imagine life without that person. You even say things like, I can't imagine life without you! Hence, you are not prepared at all for the moment when they decide they've changed their minds about loving you forever, and they break up with you. You are totally blindsided!

If you don't want your marriage to end in divorce, the tendency is to not allow yourself to walk down the road called "what if", even though "what if" might prepare you in the event that disagreements turn to disrespect and grow into deep resentment that eventually leads to an affair. Prior preparation can be the difference between an inability to cope and an ability to cope well with disappointments.


We live in a world that includes evil, so it is your responsibility to be alert, vigilant, sober, and PREPARED for unwanted and unplanned scenarios.

Consider this...

As a nation we don’t prepare soldiers for war because we intend to invite it to our doorstep, but because we want to be PREPARED when it shows up uninvited! We prepare because evil exist, and it will seize the opportunity to attack whenever it sees a window.

People don’t spend a significant part of their lives, their time and resources studying to become physicians because they want or encourage sickness and disease. They do it because sickness and disease are realities that must be faced, and someone needs to be PREPARED for that reality.

We don’t take the time and energy to create a last will and testament or estate plan because we welcome an untimely death. We do it because death can come unannounced and it’s our responsibility to be PREPARED and ensure that it doesn’t rob our children’s children!

Schools don't schedule regular fire drills because they feel that a fire is inevitable, they simply want to be prepared!

Don’t try to predict the future. Prepare for it.

Martin Dai Nguyen

What can you do to prepare?

As a life coach I have witnessed people experience great results and movement when they...

INVITE someone to help them with what they are seeing, feeling, knowing, and choosing.

INVEST in themselves, whatever the cost…because they’re worth it.

INTERRUPT their thinking with possible opportunities for personal (positive) change.

INITIATE new thoughts and new learning for growth and movement. Just knowing is not have to move!

What are you waiting for…The Power of Preparation is Power to Progress

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