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What would be possible if you started to notice more of the things that get overlooked in your life?

To overlook something indicates a failure to notice.

To overlook can also mean, you have a favorable view from above.

Now, let this soak in for a moment. The first definition of the word basically suggests that you missed seeing something. You overlooked it or failed to notice it. It was right there in front of you, but somehow you missed it!

The other definition suggests that you have viewpoint or vantage point that enables you to see more completely from above…. perhaps a bird’s eye view.

But be careful, because having everything in view, doesn’t mean you see everything!

This instantly recalls my mind to a story in the Bible, (2 Samuel 11) where King David, who’s view from the roof of his palace Overlooked the place where, unbenounced to him, one of his soldiers’ wives was bathing. She was beautiful, but she was already someone else’s wife. The story ends quite tragically as the King moved from noticing to lusting, and from lusting to adultery and misfortune, then from misfortune to regret, all the way to cover up and murder!

And here’s the irony, King David’s rooftop view allowed him to Overlook (see from above) a lot, but it also made him susceptible to Overlook (miss) a lot. He saw the instant gratitude his choice would afford him in the short-term, but he missed the agony it would create for so many others, including himself, in the long-term.

What are you overlooking so much ...that you’re overlooking so much?

Wait a minute…what?

What are you Overlooking (seeing, desiring, wanting, fixed on) so much that you’re Overlooking (missing, refusing to consider) so much?


Let’s start with one of the big things people tend to overlook.


The Cambridge dictionary defines a problem as a situation, person or thing that needs attention and needs to be dealt with or solved.

When you overlook (fail to notice) problems in your life, you are asking for trouble. Problems grow like weeds, especially when being ignored. It is every person’s responsibility to reflect on one’s own reality and embrace the beautiful and ugly truth about self, whether it feels good or not. It is also every person’s duty to position themselves to overlook (see from above) their whole life, rather than just their favorite or preferred compartments. A view that overlooks your whole life can be extremely helpful with a balanced approach to living, and it can help minimize the things you tend to overlooked.

This verse from God’s Word says it perfectly!

1 Corinthians 11:31

But if we were more discerning with regard to ourselves, we would not come under such judgment.

Success begins with you examining you!

Here are some helpful tips.

Invite someone you trust, or someone you can grow to trust into your process. These extra sets of eyes, input and insight will help you discover what you are missing/overlooking.

Invest in yourself! Budget monies for your well-being, whatever that means for you, whether it’s a visit to a Physician, Therapist, Counselor, Coach or Mentor. Put your money where your mouth is, you are more than worth it!

Interrupt old mindsets, habits, and behaviors. This is the hard work of Humility in action, becoming less so that you can become more.

Initiate new perspective, new thought processes, new behaviors, and new routines. None of this stuff works, until you make it work.

So, what would be possible if you started to notice more of the things that get overlooked in your life?

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