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Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Part three of Overlooked is a conversation about three things that we tend to overlook too often, the value of People, the value of Process & the value of Progress.

We live in a WIN-no-matter-what-CULTURE, a world obsessed with self, competition, domination, and the idea of being on top. It seems that we are somehow bent on accumulating more, ascending higher, being better than everyone else and being liked more than anyone else. I’ll be first to admit that this mindset has had a dominant position in my life for many years, however I have recently intensified my commitment to find ways to improve my thinking habits and make some necessary changes.

After all, I’m quite certain God’s intention is for us to work hard to be BETTER FOR one another rather than striving to be BETTER THAN one another! But somehow, we got it twisted!

Now let’s be real, competition, and our obsession with it, is not going anywhere, it’s here to stay. So maybe we can at least be more responsible and balanced with how we see it. Here are a few things for you to consider:

1. Maybe understanding just how unwise it

is to compare yourself to others.

2. Maybe considering the examples of the

obsessively driven people (icons) who

have accomplished extraordinary

things, only to find that they are still

lacking the lasting satisfaction and inner

peace they hoped they would find in

their accomplishments.

3. Maybe heeding the wise words of sages

who understand that true peace comes

with knowing who you are (identity),

knowing why you are here (purpose),

and knowing who determines both

those realities (God).

Before I conclude, let’s revisit the definitions of OVERLOOKED.

To overlook something indicates a failure to notice.

To overlook also means, you to have a favorable view from above.

What if you put yourself in a favorable position to Overlook (see) the danger in overvaluing the things that provide status and temporary gratification, so that you won’t Overlook (miss) the most important things in life, like people, process, and progress?

There is a simple, yet powerful quote that is fitting to close this conversation.

Always begin with the end in mind.

-Dr Stephen Covey

When you are at the end of your life, with literally days to live...

· who or what will you want around you?

· what will you want to hear from the

people around you?

· will your heart be filled with regret or


· how will you have wanted to live?

· what message will you have wanted your

life to speak?

· how would you have wanted to spend

your time?

Seldom will a person on their dying bed ask for their trophies, championship rings, account balances, favorite cars, wardrobe, or any other things they accumulated during their life? When faced with our own mortality, we tend to migrate to the things that truly matter most, the People we love, the Process of life’s journey and all its rewards, and the Progress we made over the years with the help of so many others around us.

If you are skeptical about the above, I challenge you to google “Things people regret most before they die”.

When consumed with living, we tend to obsess over achievements, and we lose sight of people, process, and progress, and when faced with death we tend to obsess over people, process, and progress, and we lose sight of achievements.

Wherever you find yourself today, invite the help you need so that you can make the necessary changes to reach your desired end.

The Gap and the Gain, by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy is a great resource.

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