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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In part two of Overlooked, we are talking about “POTENTIAL”. How often does it go unnoticed, unrealized, undeveloped, and unachieved. I’m certain the answer is…way too often… by way too many people.

I know firsthand what it looks like, feels like, and what it is to underestimate your own personal potential as well as the potential of others. But, how sweet would it be if you could learn to minimize unnoticed, unrealized, undeveloped, and unachieved POTENTIAL?

Learning to better manage 3 things can help you see, recognize, and move towards your POTENTIAL.

Better manage YOUR FEARS

When we are afraid and worried that something bad is likely to happen, we call this FEAR. In moderation, it is a very necessary and helpful instinct. It warns us, with the ultimate intention of protecting us from harm. However, when unchecked and unmanaged, it can be very problematic and in some cases debilitating. It can keep us from reaching our POTENTIAL! Here are three tips to help you better manage fear.

1. Embrace the undeniable fact that bad

things will happen to all of us, no

matter what. We have little to no control

over this, only the ability to choose our


2. Balance your perspective concerning

possible undesirable outcomes.

Instead of spending all your energy

wishing, hoping, and praying that the

forbidden outcome won’t happen,

take time to redirect some of that

energy and explore the wise responses

available to you if the forbidden

outcome does happen. For example, it

would be very moving to hear someone

say, “I don’t know what I would do if I

lost you!” However, it would even better

to hear them say, “It would be

devastating to lose you, but if I must, I

will dedicate my tomorrows to living my

best life in honor of your legacy!” One

response absolutely refuses to accept

the loss, while the other response

embraces it with a commitment to

move forward in faith.

3. Practice sharing or confessing your

fears to someone you know and trust.

When fears are expressed and out in the

open, they can be more effectively

addressed. On the contrary, when they

are suppressed and ignored, they tend

to grow stronger and even multiply. The

goal is to control your fears rather than

being controlled by them.

Better manage THE FIBS

Lies are a reality, and not everything you hear and say is true! Therefore, it is crucial that you learn to expect truth, recognize truth, test truth, and speak truth.

1. William Shakespeare is credited with

saying, “This above all, to thine own self

be true.” Some of the biggest lies are

the ones we tell ourselves. Solicit

feedback from the wise people in your

circle of influence and make sure you

are being true to you.

2. The unspoken things (thoughts) that

cross our minds daily can be difficult to

understand and process. Often, we are

not clear where the thoughts are coming

from and more importantly, who they are

coming from. It is also, at times, difficult

to assess what’s true and what is not.

Coaching can be a powerful tool to help

you process your thoughts to ensure

that the ones you embrace align with

who you are and what you value.

3. Be courageous! Lies and the people

who tell them can be very aggressive

and intrusive. A lack of courage can

prove to be costly. Stand up and push

back when necessary.

Better manage FAILURES

One of the most important things to understand about Failure is its meaning in context. Failure denotes a lack of success, however, the fact that you have a history of failing doesn’t necessarily make you a failure, it could mean that you are trying to succeed outside of your element, your design, and outside your capacity. Everyone has the potential to succeed at something. Find it and do it, and whatever you do, don’t quit.

1. Know yourself in the deepest way

possible (Self-reflection) and be aware

of your strengths as well as your


2. Learn from what didn’t work, get up and

try again or try something different, until you succeed.

3. Resist the temptation to compare

yourself to others, it’s just not smart at

all! Learn to embrace the joys of being

who you are and who you were created

to be.

Reaching your potential is your responsibility. Get the help you need to maximize who you can be!

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