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Six Ways to Put Some Real HAPPINESS in Your Wedding Anniversary

Most of us are encouraged by these two words (Happy Anniversary!) extended to us by our family and friends to help us celebrate this very special occasion. However, having a Happy Anniversary is not as automatic as we would like to think. It actually takes some effort, and it seems the more anniversaries we celebrate, the more challenging it can be to make them fun and memorable. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Let’s start with the simple stuff.

1. Don’t Forget

I know you get busy and preoccupied with urgent things and occasionally slip up and forget what’s really important, like your wedding anniversary. That's not good! So, the first step to getting your celebration off the ground successfully is to make sure you Remember it, whatever it takes. Actually, this second tip might help with the first one.

2. Consider a Countdown

Some people are so excited, they initiate a countdown to the day of their wedding, so it might be wise to create that same energy and count down the days to your wedding anniversary. Remember, a countdown tends to add energy and build-up anticipation. Whether you prefer a longer or shorter countdown doesn’t matter. If it helps you be more engaged and vested in the process, it will be worth it.

3. Ask your spouse, “What are your wishes?”

There may be something specific on the wish list, and if not, it’s always a good idea to ask rather than assume. A co-planned anniversary has a much greater chance for success, in most cases.

Let's take it up a notch.

4. Make it a big deal!

It’s easy to get comfortable and see your anniversary as just another "special day", which you are required to acknowledge and celebrate as it arrives year after year. Fight against that complacency with every ounce of your being and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Take a trip, throw a party, buy something big, buy something small, do whatever will communicate the significance and importance of your relationship.

5. Start celebrating at midnight if possible.

It's the little things that usually have the greatest impact, so break up that old routine. When the clock strikes 12:00, start the festivities, and if you’re not a night owl, you might consider trying it anyway. Do whatever it takes to step outside your norms. Speaking of norms, I feel the need to insert this quick note to the husbands. You might want to resist the urge to go for the goal line on this midnight thing…if you know what I mean. I’m just saying, timing is everything... don’t be predictable… wait for it!

6. Extend it to a multiple day celebration.

In other words, treat it like a honeymoon.

Day 1: Date night with nice dinner plans

Day 2: Movie night at home, just you two

Day 3: Shopping...hours and hours of Shopping

Day 4: Dreaming about your future over Appetizers and Desserts.

Your relationship is important and powerful, and the world needs you and your example of True Love, Commitment and Sacrifice. Make it Good!

Happy Anniversary!

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