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Don’t Leave Home and Don’t Come Home Without Them

In four days it will be the eve of Christmas. On the eve of Christmas things will begin to slow down tremendously. Businesses will begin closing their doors early to allow families an opportunity to be together and enjoy one another. On the eve of Christmas last minute shoppers will do their best to purchase and check off that last gift from their list. The final gifts will be placed under the tree in preparation for the joys of gift-giving and the excitement of surprise! When Christmas Day finally arrives, hopefully it will be a wonderful experience and create many good memories!

My prayer for all of us is that we would not forget the most important thing, the fact that we are celebrating because God so graciously gave us the single most valuable and necessary gift ever, Jesus! Let me ask this questions.

Is there anything we need and desire in life more than pure, undeniable, unconditional love?

I think not! It is what every human being wants. It is the kind of love that is very hard to resist. It is what every human being needs, and God has provided that need through the gift of His Son.

Isaiah 9:6

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given;

And the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

May we all grow in our understanding of this precious yet powerful gift spoken of in Isaiah 9. May we all find the necessary humility to fully receive and embrace this gift. May we all grow in wisdom and confidence to live and walk in the peace He provides. And may we all find it in our hearts to commit to share this gift with others and serve one another in the same ways He modeled for us.

So, here’s the reminder I'm compelled to leave with you:

Please, don’t leave home without these 3 gifts… Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness. Carry them with you whenever and wherever you go. Don’t allow anyone outside your household to see you without these gifts (these necessities). People will need them, and they will often look to you for them. People are desperate for Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness. There is a major shortage of Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness in our society, and it is up to you and me to always have them available for whomever crosses our path and finds themselves in need.


I don’t have to tell you how detrimental it is to a life when Love is absent. I’m talking about all aspects of Love but especially that deep abiding, unconditional affection and commitment that we look to receive from others and commit to extend to others as well. Love is that thing we all need and want! It’s also the thing we all need and want an opportunity to give to others. Both are essential to our existence, overall health and wellbeing. Remember, you only have today to love, for tomorrow is not promised. If there is someone who is uncertain of the certainty of your love for them, tell them you love them and show them as well. Do it Today!


We are not entitled! Not a single one of us chose to be born into this world, nor did we choose where we would be born or to what parents. This is a sure indicator that someone bigger than us, smarter than us, more wise and powerful than us has considered us and chosen to gift us with this thing called life, and no matter what you think of your life, you must find the humility, wisdom and courage necessary to be completely Grateful for it. Nothing is owed to us, yet so much has been given! I repeat, we are not entitled!

This silent/violent killer known as INGRATITUDE can creep into our hearts and wreak havoc on our lives and relationships, and you should cut of its oxygen supply immediately, so it will die. It does not deserve to live. We have been chosen and gifted with life, and Christmas reminds us of an additional gift Who has come to help us live life with abundance (spiritually, physically & relationally). This gift is available to all who will receive. (John 3:16)


The fact of the matter is that we have all disappointed people, offended people, disrespected people, and missed the mark more times than we can count, and we have been disappointed, offended and disrespected by others as well. This is an unavoidable reality of life’s ebbs and flows. It is also why forgiveness is so important. Forgiveness keeps the pipes and conduits to our relationships unclogged and uncluttered. It helps to keep life and energy flowing with consistency. One of the greatest powers we possess is the power to forgive others. You are seldom more like the Christ of Christmas but when you choose to forgive someone who is undeserving of that forgiveness, and when you choose to love them unconditionally.

I say again, don’t leave home without Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness, and after you have freely given to those outside your home, don’t you dare come home without Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness. Don't allow anyone in your home to see you without these gifts. Keep them at all times and share them often!

These 3 Gifts


Merry Christmas!

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