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When Your Current Location is Not Your Ultimate Destination, 3 Things Are Certain

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Here is a great quote to kick off this conversation.

We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

-Max Depree

This post does not focus primarily on tasks and to do lists, personal gains and accomplishments, it is more to do with direction, purpose and fulfillment. Are you moving toward becoming what you want to BE, rather than being consumed by what you want to DO? There is a huge difference.

There are many people who allow their lives to be consumed by What They Want to Do, only to reach their destination and find they don’t like What They Have Become.

1. Movement is a Nonnegotiable (Change)

Movement is literally the act of changing, which means there is no change without movement and no movement without change.

So, how can you better position yourself to seize the opportunities to make the changes necessary for growth and maturity? One of the greatest missed opportunities happens when you allow an entire calendar year to come and go without making noticeable positive change. Change may not always equal growth, but Growth always equals change.

Nothing will encourage positive change in the world around you like the positive change you make happen within you. Once change happens on the inside, it will manifest in various noticeable ways on the outside. People around you will begin to see it, some will affirm it, some will celebrate it, some might resent and ignore it, but a few will be inspired by it and actually be motivated enough to mimic it.

2. You Need Direction (Guidance)

You can only make it so far on your own.

Here is a question that you probably have not been asked this year;

What positive changes have you made or started to make over the past 6 months, verifiable by someone who knows you well? This is a really good question, so I’ll ask again; What positive changes have you made or started to make over the past 6 months, verifiable by someone who knows you well? This is where having some form of accountability, like a wise friend, mentor or life coach can really beneficial for your growth. It's important to have someone who is unafraid and committed to asking you the tough questions.

3. You Have Not Arrived (Self-Awareness)

Yes, I know this one is nothing more than stating the obvious, but sometimes the obvious must be stated for the sake of awareness. I think we all can agree how pleasing it is to hear the 3 words, You Have Arrived. They trigger feeling of success, relief, accomplishment and finality. In the smaller frames of life, You Have Arrived rings true as often as we reach one of life’s short-term destinations (or should we say Wins), but in the larger picture, subsequent levels of growth, maturity, movement and change are always ahead of you to witness your Wins and also to remind you that there is more to be pursued. You Have Not Arrived.

Now, I doubt if any of us want to reach the end of a given year or perhaps the end of life, only to find ourselves in a place other than where we intended to be. With almost half this year already spent and gone, it may be wise to pause for a few moments and assess your current location. Do you know where you are headed, and relative to that destination, do you know where you are?

The one thing just as important as knowing where you’re going is knowing where you are.


What You Want to BE will serve as a better driver in your life, and What You Want to DO is better suited as a passenger.

What makes NOW such a good time to assess where you are?

1. It’s too late to do it yesterday.

2. It’s too costly to leave undone.

3. It’s too important to put off any longer.

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